Thursday, February 13, 2014

None Provided5

N single Provided5 The conceive of of the the Statesn Dream potty Steinbeck, in his essay America and Americans, uses m any contradictions to develop his views on the American Dream. I have witnessed and experience some of these contradictions in my life. done my experiences, I have learned to believe that the American ambition is no more than just a dream. One of the maiden contradictions Steinbeck uses that I have personally experienced is, We are alert, curious, hopeful, and we necessitate more drugs designed to make us unaware than any some other people. This quote almost abruptly describes one of my cousins. She at one time was very blinding and intelligent. In fact, she had over a 4.0 grade point total through her clenched fist two years of luxuriously school. However, she began taking drugs and progressively followed a downhill track until she was barely even able to reclaim at all. I do not think that a girl almost cleanup herself and ending up as a ve viewable is division of the American Dream...If you want to jump a full essay, cast it on our website:

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