Tuesday, November 8, 2016

America and England

there ar some(prenominal) similarities and differences among the get together States of America (U.S.A) and my sept country Eng husbandry. When comparing the twain countries it makes you withdraw atomic number 18 they rattling so different? Since the join States broke away from Eng territory, umteen mickle seem to think that there are non umteen another(prenominal) similarities, but are they correct? I acquire noticed many similarities since I came to the United States including the language and how both(prenominal) countries respect there avail men and women, but on the other hand there are excessively many differences including the land size and the capital used.\nAlthough there are many similarities there are also many differences, adept of the differences is land size, one state in America is about the size of the whole country of England, and this in force(p) goes to show how big the U.S.A really is. After living in both of the countries, I know noticed many things to do with the land size. Growing up in England, I grew up in a itty-bitty neighborhood called a closure where there were about one hundred ten houses. intimately of the houses are given up with only enough room for one car per household. placid in the U.S.A, most houses are single-family homes with a lot of land size per each house. Most Ameri understructure homes go through position for at least dickens vehicles. Also in the U.S.A most houses have a yard, which is typically much larger than the yard of an English home, which is called a garden.\nThere are many similarities between the two countries; one of the main similarities is that both countries call the same language; although we dependable different we can still understand each other. creation from the country that originated the language, many people have observed that the Americans have tried to simplify it. Although the two countries speak the same language, you can still get stuck and constr ue what one is saying. For example in the England, they use the word chips signification french fries in America, so when visiting the United States, you... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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